Thursday, March 1, 2012

Baking Conversion

In order to make something (or in this case "bake" something) you need to have the proper ingredients. If I wanted to make a PB&J I wouldn't buy the same ingredients as I would if I wanted to make an omelet. Similarly, I need certain ingredients in order to have a true conversion to something, or in other words to gain a testimony of something. In this case and more specifically we are going to focus on baking a conversion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith.

First you need flour; it plays a huge role in this recipe: the flour is a thickening agent, it helps the outcome to become more tangible. Flour represents the scriptures. If we are to have a conversion to something we need to be well acquainted with the doctrines of it. Studying the scriptures consistently are necessary in this process.

The second thing you need to add is sugar to sweeten things up a little. If you focus on love and look into this message with a charitable outlook, you will be adding just the right amount of sugar to help you have a sweeter, more joyous conversion. Love of God and of all men is so important in any testimony, it helps you see things as they really are, without a tinted lens.

A good recipe almost always includes a pinch of salt. The scriptures refer to an instance where it is said, "...even if ye can no more that desire to believe in my words let that desire work in you"(Alma 32:27). Even if it is just a "pinch" at first, allow desire to enter into you while testimony-baking, it will bring a greater savor to that which will come to be faith.

Once you get through the dry ingredient you need to add milk, or in this analogy, intent. when you add milk to a mixture it binds the different things into one substance. I guess you could say that it has a "stick-to-it-ness". When we have real intent, we show God that no matter what he tells us to do, we will do it. We have an intention to act and this is necessary to truly gain a testimony of something.

I have often heard the jingle, "the incredible, edible egg" and i don't think we always give this ingredient it's just credit. You can use an egg for anything! It is versatile in the hands of the wielder and patient to do whatever it is asked to do. If we are to gain a testimony of something we have to be willing to be patient to God's timing. We often expect an answer to come immediately, but that is not always the case. Answers will come when God wants them to, according to His own will.

The last ingredient is the specific flavor for which your end product will be known. We have to decide whether we want a chocolate cake, a vanilla cake, a fun-fetti cake, etc. You cannot begin baking a cake if you don't know what kind you're making! The same rings true when you want a testimony, you have to be specific. You have to know precisely what it is that you want a testimony of. If you don't, how could you ever gain a testimony of it??? If you didn't know whether you wanted a testimony of Faith, Repentance, the Book of Mormon, or of Joseph Smith being a prophet you could never really gain one.

Now that you have all the ingredients is all done?? No it isn't! If you mixed together this tasty batter then left sitting around it would never be finished. You have to put it into the oven for it to all come together. In order to know if this Gospel is true you need to come to church to find out. Church is like the spiritual "oven" in a conversion process; it where everything else really comes together. The heat in an oven bakes the ingredients until it creates a solid substance. This is done by prayer. As you kneel down before the Maker and plea to Him in mighty prayer your testimony will be solid and your conversion firm.

Upon realizing that this "Conversion Cake" is most delicious, you will want to share it with others, you will feel a "great desire to make these things known unto the inhabitants of the earth" (2 Nephi 2:8).
You need not suppose you can only "bake a conversion" once; you can do so as many times as you want until the entire world has a chance to taste the testimony that will be radiating from you. Until that time, I wish you the best of luck in Baking your Conversion!